The Best Ways To Build Muscle Naturally

If you are looking for the best ways to build muscle naturally check out these tips. There is no reason to cheat your way to a muscular physique by using harmful drugs.

Anybody can build muscle the natural way, and that includes skinny hard gainers who are at a genetic disadvantage when it comes to gaining weight. You may have inherited a fast metabolism that makes gaining weight difficult, but you can work around this circumstance to put on muscle. Having a slow metabolism is also an obstacle to building muscle because it means you’ll gain fat easier when eating to build muscle which also is not good. But no matter your genetic circumstances, you can always find the right natural approach to help you gain lean mass and get a great physique. You have to lift weights consistently, use the best tools possible, progress in strength gains, eat right so that your body is able to gain muscle mass, and remain patient. Here are the 5 best ways to build muscle naturally.

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1. Know Your Body

Everybody is different in terms of our body, the nutrition we need, the way we respond to workouts etc. One important thing you’ll want to know is your body type and how it’ll affect nutrition and training for building mubest way to build muscle naturallyscle. If you are an ectomorph body type you’ll have to eat more and rest more than people with other body types. Also, with training you have to know what works for you best. If you do a certain exercise and you are getting results, then stick with the exercise, even if others aren’t using it. And the same principle goes for all other variables in training and nutrition such as reps, sets, macronutrient ratios and meal frequency. One way to build muscle naturally is to know your body and use what works best for you all the time.

2. Eat Enough Calories And Not Too Much

Eating for muscle mass involves a few different things. One of the most important is getting enough calories. You’ll need to eat at a calorie surplus to gain weight. And then again the exact amount of calories you’ll depends on your body and genetics. if you are a skinny hard-gainer it is really easy to eat a ton if you want to gain muscle mass without worrying too much about fat gain. The tricky part is for people with slower metabolisms to gain muscle without gaining too much body fat. So when it comes to calories, a general rule of thumb is 18 calories per pound of your body’s weight if you want to gain muscle mass. Example, if you weigh 180 pounds (82kg), you would be eating around 3,200 calories per day.

3. Get Enough Protein

Most people would need to increase their daily protein consumption for gaining muscle mass. Why? Protein is simply the building blocks of muscle. Without enough of it, new muscle would have nothing to be built with. So how much protein do you need? You’ll need around 1 gram per pound of your body weight per day. So if you weight 190 pounds you would need to eat 190 grams of protein per day to gain mass.

4. Minimize Cardio

Cardio is important in your program specifically for helping burn excess calories. But when you are in a muscle building phase you’ll want to keep cardio to a minimum. Minimizing cardio during the phase of building muscle is especially important for hard gainers. Remember, hard gainers need to preserve as much muscle as possible to gain weight. Don’t drop cardio out of your workout completely, but once or twice a week is probably fine.

5. Always Aim For Progression

Progressive overload is top of the best ways to build muscle naturally. No matter which strength training method you choose you’ll need be sure that resistance levels is always high enough to fatigue the muscle. Increasing the amount of weight you use and the number of repetitions you do are top ways for achieving progressive overload. Achieving progressive overload with body weight training is a bit more tricky than weight training, but with the right guidance it can be done.

6. Rest For Recovery And Growth

To build muscle, you must completely fatigue the muscle with intense training, but then give it time to rest. If you work a muscle hard, on consecutive days, the muscle fibers will become too damaged to properly repair and grow. Typically, a muscle needs at least 72 hours to properly repair from a an intense weight training session designed for muscle building. A rule any good muscle building program must follow is to allow for complete day(s) off for a muscle before working that muscle again. For example, a god workout is shoulders and chest on Monday and Thursday, legs on Tuesday and Friday, and a back, arms and abs on Wednesday and Saturday.


Building muscle naturally is not the easiest thing in the world, but it is not complicated either. Once again the best ways to build muscle in a nutshell is training for progressive overload, eat enough food, rest properly and stay persistence.


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